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PhotoVerso provides collectors with a central resource for deepening their appreciation for photography on the blockchain. Our commitment to providing collectors and artists alike with an onramp to the NFT photography sphere keeps our content accessible while promoting the evolution of the art form to enhance its enjoyment by newcomers to the space. 

We provide weekly roll-ups of innovations in the space, lead dialogue on collector’s issues, and report research and analysis of photography market trends. Since our launch in January, we’ve featured over 20 artists, and have expanded into interviews with collectors and other figures in NFT photography. 

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PhotoVerso is published by Gregory Eddi Jones, a photographic artist publishing on the blockchain, on top of a successful career in the traditional photography world. 

The publication is managed by Isabel Gonzalez, an industry leader in the space of digital attestations, and an enthusiastic blockchain photography collector. 

For business inquiries including promotional opportunities, please reach out at contact@photoverso.io.